Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Petting Parties?

Petting Parties? Problems in cemeteries 80 some years ago. 
Were a group of people gathered in the graveyard stroking their dogs and cats? LOL!
In papers today we see vandalizing and drinking in cemeteries. Back in the 1920's kids didn't have the availability of cars like today. Yet in this story some were misusing both cars and the cemetery. 
This was on the front page of the paper so important news at the time. Why else would the caretaker been given authority to arrest the petters?
Those familiar with the term 'petting' in my generation think of it done in the family car borrowed for a date or double date. "Parking!" 
In 1925 what would these petting parties have looked like? A bunch of kids sitting around the maintenance building/cottage 'making out' and getting to 'first base'? 
Don't you just love the flair these old newspaper stories are written with?
And what stories would we hear if cemetery monuments could talk! 

Greensburg Daily Tribune, Thursday July 9, 1925, Page 1.

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