Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sentimental Sunday

              Happy Birthday, Mom. This week was the first time I couldn't spend her birthday with my Mom.  Every year we always sang Happy Birthday around birthday cakes,( Mom's favorite: German Chocolate) and,  my Dad's favorite, vanilla ice cream.  The whole family came, kids, grandchildren, great-grand children and even some kids from the past. We'd all eat, sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake. Dad always doled out the ice cream.
              Everyone would stay late hanging on to the last bit of conversation. It was always hard to leave 'home' even though we saw each other frequently. We always got caught up in talking and sharing and the time just 'got away'. Those times are over now. No more hanging out at Grumpa and Nonnie's for the grand kids and great-grand kids; no more going home for the 'kids'.

              Happy Birthday, Mom we all miss you so very much and were so lucky to have had you in our lives. We are all better people for the experience.


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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Maybe the first birthday after loved ones are gone is the hardest, but honestly, I think they're all hard. Your mom was a beautiful young woman. Happy Birthday to her!