Monday, May 20, 2013

I wonder how many people actually know this!

Now I wonder how many people know that there is an election held every six monthes where you live?
I'm NOT going to get political on you, really I'm not.
But every 6 monthes there is an election in your district.
Yes, every 4 years we go to the polls to elect a president but all the elected officials in your area are voted for, by you the constituents!
Judges, commissioners, mayors, Prothonitaries, coroners, tax collectors, etc. are all voted for.
People go to the polls every six monthes and first pick someone to run, in the primary, then vote them into office.
These officials do have something to do with your lives.
Well, the reason I'm here today is tomorrow is the primary election here in my state.
Every November and every May there is an election. Yes, every 6 monthes.
If you want to get involved in who makes choices in your community register to vote and vote!
Every American citizen has the right to vote. We have since the beginning of this great nation.
So take control, get involved.  Get your neighbor involved. I don't need to know who you voted for or what your political affiliation is but don't complain to me about the elected officials doing something you don't like if YOU DIDN'T VOTE!
Ok, we can get back to your regularly scheduled shows...
thanks for listening to my rant!
BTW, I'm one of the poll workers who takes your name and has you sign in at the polls. I've done this for decades. I always took a vacation day to do this.
You can do this, just sign up!
Get involved!


  1. In Allegheny County PA they expect the percentage of voters to be about 25%, if you don't vote you have no right to complain.

  2. We got 10.3% turnout in my district!