Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Rufus Davidson

Buried in Union Cemetery, Greensburg, Pa.
A Confederate Soldier

PVT Rufus C. Davidson served in the 2nd Maryland Cavalry
a group of partisan rangers
The 2nd Maryland Cavalry was under the command of Harry Gilmore and was affectionately known among the men as 'the band".  
More can be read about the 2nd Maryland cavalry at

   Wonder if he was killed during a 'raid'; here, and they gave him a 'proper burial' even though he was a rebel. What was he doing here in Greensburg, did he die at a skirmish or in a field hospital? Who was nice enough to give him a cemetery plot and arrange for/get a headstone. Or was he related to some one in the area? Brothers fought brothers in our civil war...Or did he live here after the war? This calvary regiment kept very few muster rolls and records...after they were rangers!

It will be interesting to find out more about this man. 

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  1. He was from Prince George's county, Maryland. From what I have found out he relocated to Greensburg in the 1880's. A daughter of his married a Pierce (Mary Davidson Pierce) and he is buried in the Pierce plot.