Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Simica and Jovan Dokmanovic

My maternal grandparents where married in 1905 in Pittsburgh Pa. Jovan immigrated to the U.S. from Yugoslavia in 1899 and became a miner in the Pa coal mines like so many other immigrants did.
Simica followed,  in 1904 to marry her sweetheart.(against her families wishes). The family story was that she was marrying beneath herself and he was , well nobody but a poor miner. It must have been true love.

They were married on 6th day of May 1905 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Jovan and Simica raised 8 children including my mother

Jovan Dokmanovic
Born 25 April 1880
Died 13 Aug. 1942

Simica Mervos Dokmanovic
Born 14 April 1884
Died 11 Sept. 1967

They now are resting in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.

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