Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soldier in a Quaker Burial Ground, huh?

In reading Granite In My Blood blog site she notes she has Quakers in her family. Quakers did not believe in 'show' and thus rarely had headstones or markers in their burial grounds.
In doing my maternal genealogy not only did I find Quakers but a Burial Ground donated by an ancestor with stones and a GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) marker on a grave! No stone, just the GAR marker.
Quakers were pacifists....who is this soldier or what did this'Quaker' do to warrant the GAR marker?
The burial ground is in Sewickley Township in Western Pennsylvania.
Difficult to find because the access road is now a new home's driveway. The graveyard is hidden within a cluster of dense trees. Many stones were removed when a goodwill clean up effort mistook them for rubble and hauled them away. Thankfully a neighbor continues to cut the grass around the graves.

One of our goals is to identify and have this soldier's grave properly marked with a military headstone.

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